Why us: Why you should consider working with us

At its simplest, we’ll find and manage the right high-end technical personnel and look after them so your business makes money, the job gets done and your corporate (and personal) reputation stays safe.

Our values and principles


Always putting safety first: because your reputation and business success is only as good as your operation’s safety – and that’s down to the people we provide.

Being easy to work with: collaborative working, transparency and honesty matter; so does keeping things simple, easy to manage and auditable.

Saving you money: because efficient, simple, traceable and reliable costs less.

Investment in Technology: our investment in IT is the key to reassuring clarity and a faster, paperless, more easily auditable way of working.

Reliability: a safe pair of hands so you’ve one less thing to worry about (and reduced overheads too).

Experience: over 35 years’ combined experience makes a formidable team; our experience delivers your peace of mind (especially when it’s come from the no-compromise worlds of banking, nuclear energy and rail operation).

Accountability: We work to strict procedures – everything we do is fully traceable.

Authenticity: what you see is what you get; experienced professionals committed to the transparency, measurability and accountability that builds trust.

Integrity and trustworthiness: we do what we promise, when we say we will. And if, occasionally we make a mistake, we’ll put it right, document it in an event brief, and learn from it. We believe in a spirit of continuous improvement and life-long learning