Handbook: Company Policys


Dress Code Basic guidelines on appropriate clothing and appearnce within the company.
Expenses Claims for riembursement of expenses including travel, accommodation and hospitality
Equal Opportunities Promoting equal opportunities in employment
Anti-Harassment and Bullying Provinding a working enviroment free from harassment and bullying
Anti-Corruption and Bribery Conducting all of our business in an honest manner
Whistleblowing Conducting all of our business with honesty and integrity
Disciplinary and Capability Standards of conduct and performance and to ensure fairness and consistency when dealing with allegations of misconduct or poor performance
Grievance Grievance Policy
Sickness/Absence Arrangements for sick pay and for reporting and managing sickness absence
Maternity Statutory rights ad responsibilities of employees who are pregnant or have recently given birth
Adoption Arrangements for adoption leave and pay for employees who are adopting through a UK adoption agency
Paternity Outlines when an employee may be entitled to paternity leave and paternity pay and sets out the arrangements for taking it
Parental Leave Statutory rights of employees with at least one year's continuous service too take up to 18 weels' unpaid parental leave in respect of each child
Time off for Dependants Occasions when ou need to take time off work to deal with unexpected events invoving one of your dependants
Compassionate Leave Compassionate leave is designed to help you cope with the death of a close relative
Family Leave Types of family leave available to staff
Flexible Working A flexible working policy gives eligible employees an opportunity to request a change to their working pattern
Time off for Public Duties To enable employees to perform any public duties that they may be commited to undertake
Health and Safety Arrangements for ensuring we meet our health and safety obligations to staff and anyone visiting our premises
Driving and Mobile Phone Requirements when driving on the company's business and the use of mobile phones
Smoking Providing a safe place to work and protecting all workers, service users, customers and visitors from exposure to smoke
Data Protection How we handle personal data
IT and Communications Standards you must observe when using these systems
Bringing your Own Devices to Work Responsibilities of use of personal devices
Social Media Minimising the risk to our business through social media
Adverse Weather and Travel Disruption Arrangements for ensuring we meet our health and safety obligations to staff and anyone visiting our premies or affected by our work. This policy applies where it becoms impossible or dangerous for employees to travel in to work
Retirement Framework for workplace discussions, enabling you to express you preferences and expectations with regard to retirement